Once a relationship begins to unravel and thoughts of breaking up start to surface, there is a limited amount time to reverse the trend. Although the events leading up to breakups often occur slowly over time, the action that severs the relationship can be swift. Thus, you have to be prepared with things you can do to stop a breakup. Here are some strategies for lovers who are experiencing a rough stretch in their relationship, but would like to get things back on track.

Act Swiftly. The worst thing you can do when your relationship is falling apart is to sit on the sidelines. Too many people think that waiting for things to get better is the best solution. Problems require solutions, and the longer you wait to mend your relationship only allows more time for things to get worse.

Communicate. Almost all breakups can be attributed to some form of a communication problem. Whether it is arguing or lying, breakdowns in communication lead to distrust and unhappiness. The best way to overcome barriers to communication is to be honest with your partner. Talk about the problems with your relationship and discuss ways that each of you can be more supportive to the other. Often times this requires the courage of one person to stand up and approach the subject.

Provide Some Space. Although you need to be proactive while trying to stop a breakup, it is also important to give your partner some space. If you have effectively communicated your concerns with your partner, and agreed on some course of action, the next step is to be patient. Re-building trust is a long term strategy that will not occur overnight. Be confident in your partner and focus on living up to your end of the agreement. Your mutual trust will grow as time passes and your bond will strengthen with it.

Be Creative. Perhaps the most important element of saving a troubled relationship is creativity. Remember how much fun you had with your partner when you first started dating? Some of this was attributed to the excitement of a new experience. Using your creativity, you can rekindle your relationship by suggesting new things you do with your partner. Sporting events, amusement parks, and concerts are all great ways to bring back excitement to your relationship. The key is to come up with new ideas that will help you both remember why you fell in love in the first place.

Relationships are delicate items that must be continually nurtured. When things start to go wrong with them it can spiral into a breakup. The best way to stop a breakup is to recognize your problems and discuss them with your partner. Don’t expect to wait for the problems to fix themselves. Attack the issues by offering solutions, and re-build your relationship by suggesting creative things to do with your leisure time. Doing all of these things will help you repair your relationship over time. Remember to be persistent and honest with your partner, and the rest will fall into place.

Facing the prospect of a breakup can be stressful and lonely, but there are tools available to walk you through each step of saving your relationship. Visit GetBackMyEx.com for mre information.


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